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Recycled Planter Ideas

My motto… if I can put dirt in it… I’ll PLANT IT! It’s a bit of an addiction really… everything I see becomes a potential planter or garden art project.

So, I’ve been going through my photo’s and found some favorites that I either spotted in my travels or have made myself. Here is a gallery of idea’s to inspire you…



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I had these old aluminum frames for years so I planted them with succulents and hung a basket in the center. They are now on display at Art’s Nursery along with several of my junk planter creations!


succulent picture frame


Saw this at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show, this is on my list for SURE next year.


Wine Bottle Planters


I did this Vertical Shoe Holder Planter up for a speaking event on outdoor DIY planters recently but if you want more ideas on vertical gardens, check out this post.


DIY Vertical Gardens




This is a simple idea… chicken wire and moss made into a cone. Seen at the NWFGS.


Chicken wire cone planter


I did up some coffee can planters this year but I added a quick stencil to make it extra special. Those beautiful happy orange flowers are called Fireburst Bidens by Proven Winners.


Coffee Can Planters

This storage rack makes a perfect planter yes? Seen at the NWFGS.


Junk Planter for the wall


Check out my Tea Cup Tire Planter…. want to learn how to make it? Watch the video below!


My husbands old jeans turned out to make a great vertical planter. Check out these instructions for this Recycled Jean pocket planter.


Recycled Jean Planter


Honestly… how adorable are these upcycled fabric planters I spotted at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show? Crafter Susan Albin creates these at her Etsy Shop. OH, and those succulents are pretty darn cute too!


Fabric Cactus pots


My kind of shopping cart! Spotted at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show.


shopping cart planter


I got these baskets at the dollar store and thought… hey, I can put dirt in that. Now it’s home to a Rapunzel tomato plant which I picked up from Art’s Nursery.

While I know this basket is doing what I expect it to do… we will see if this Pinterest Trending tomato will do the same. Check back to see if I get the results they promise later this summer.


Recycled Planter


These boots were made for planting….. Those pretty little flowers are from Proven Winners, the blue ones are Browallia and the yellow and pink ones are Superbells Holy Moly.


Rubber Boot Planter


I love planting up IKEA items, these kitchen sink caddies with the holes in the bottom are perfect for herbs.


IKEA Planters (1)


But I REALLY love the vertical strawberry and annual planters I made out of their recycled shopping bag storage basket.

Watch the step-by-step video here:  IKEA Strawberry Planter


IKEA Planters


Turn an old colander into a fab junk planter… love!


junk planters (2)


The more rust the better! This tool box is growing some herbs and other goodies.


Tool Box Planter


And of course an old bucket can be turned into an adorable planter like this one I collaborated with The Passionate Home to create. They chalk painted the bucket, I planted it up. This is full of edible flowers… visit this post for the details, Edible Flower Planter.


Edible Flower Herb Planter


Want to see these recycled planter ideas in my garden? Check out my spring garden tour… hope it inspires you!


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