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As gardeners and stewards of the earth, the most important seed we can ever plant is the inspiration to encourage others to get growing.



Easily Grow Kitchen Edibles Indoors for Year-Round Enjoyment


Eat Fresh ~ Go Green

Crock Pot Apple Cider Recipe

  Crock Pot Apple Cider Recipe This recipe is ridiculously easy to make and will have your house smelling wonderful! I decided to experiment with my homemade Crock Pot Apple Cider and came up with a couple of delicious cocktails for fall.... wait till you try...

5 Easy Herbal Oil’s and Vinegar’s

    5 Easy Herbal Oil's and Vinegar's Making your own herbal oil's and vinegar's is super easy and well worth the effort. I've been bottling my delicious condiments all summer long and it's time to share what's in my pantry!   I am very happy to announce...

Carpet Deodorizer with Herbs

  Carpet Deodorizer with Herbs I love my dog, but he's got a special funk that's all his own. It doesn't take long before a throw blanket takes on his distinguishing scent but at least that can get tossed into the wash. Carpets... not so much. We all know that...



From private team building parties to large industry shows, Shelley has inspired and entertained people of all ages. She’s paired up with chef’s for garden to table presentations, taught classes to small groups and is a speaker on the DIY stage for the NorthWest Flower and Garden Show.

Content Writer

Shelley is sought out by big industry brands to create content for their products and services. In addition to her online contributions, she is well known locally for her work in local magazines and publications as well as being the editor of her own magazine; Urbanique, distributed to 60K homes in the Fraser Valley.


Marketing on line and off is a passion for this event planner and decorator. Whether it’s a local fundraiser or a big tent event, Shelley prides herself in reaching the target market with innovative promotions and fresh ideas. Her unique approach to marketing and flair for merchandising has contributed to the success of 100’s of events.



Sow and Dipity Introduction

Watch this short video to learn more about Sow and Dipity and what partnering with Shelley can do for you!

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Shelley Levis

Speaker, Writer, Gardenprenuer. Making the world more beautiful one plant at a time. My mission is to inspire others to get growing and to think outside the pot!


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