Recycled jeans planter


Recycled Jean Planter


I saw a fabric planter made to hang on a wall a while back and started to think that this would be easy enough to make out of a durable, breathable material like an old pair of jeans.

Zip one of these together in a snap and you’ll have a great planter made out of recycled materials… here’s the quick and easy instructions.

 Ok, these were a very expensive pair of my husbands jeans. I mean ridiculously expensive. He was given a gift certificate to a high end store in downtown Vancouver. Everything they had was $300 or more and nothing he would wear except for these jeans. Their purchase ate up his $400 voucher and these expensive threads only lasted about 2 years before the ass ripped out of them.

That’s right, those jeans cost about $200 a year to wear. Ka-RAY-zy! I still have jeans from 15 years ago… I still wear them… weekly.

Anyway, since they didn’t do the job of being an article of clothing, they have been recycled into a planter. My husband realized what it was upon closer inspection and is still pissed about his ROI. I think they look much prettier now.


Jean pocket planter (1)


Simply cut the leg off and use seamstress chalk (or just regular chalk) to draw three lines across the width of the pant leg for your pockets.


Jean pocket planter


Pull out your sewing machine and just zip across the top and the bottom of the pant leg, then sew along your chalk lines. Now cut the top layer of pant leg about an inch below the sewed chalk line but don’t go all the way across, leave about an inch in from each side seam. Now toss it into the wash so the pockets fray.


Jean pocket planter (2)


I punched a couple of grommets through the top of my recycled jean planter for hanging then I planted it up with some pretty annuals. I love Proven Winners annuals because they always perform well.

I used Superbells Saffron, Verbena Royale Red and Bidens Fire Burst. Think outside the pot… and don’t throw away those old jeans… plant them up!


Recycled Jean Planter


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