Plants to Balance the Throat Chakra

Chakra refers to the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. These wheels of energy are believed to spin at different spots along the spine. Although they are aligned with the spine, they spin throughout our core to both sides.

There are 7 main Chakras and many more according to some belief systems. Each Chakra has it’s own colour, like that of the rainbow. To understand more about how light = colour, read the post about Colour Therapy

The wheels of energy vary with each individual and factors such as physical conditions, energy levels, stress, and disease can affect them. They can become unbalanced or blocked resulting in many physical symptoms as well as emotional. Maintaining a balanced Chakra system is vital to our health and well being. 

Throat Chakra symbol

Vishuddha -The Throat Chakra is the 5th Chakra located in the area just above the collar bone. It is considered the first of the higher, spiritual chakras on the chakra ladder. Speaking your truth, expressing your authentic self are governed by this beautiful sky blue Chakra.  

The Throat Chakra governs:


~Truth and lies

~Authentic self 

~The need to be heard, communication

~Being true to oneself

Each Chakra is linked to several different areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. They govern over specific areas of our bodies, correspond with our senses, and rule over certain emotions.They are also associated with elements, spirit animals, planets, gem stones and crystals and astrological signs. 

The Throat Chakra is associated with:

Symbol- 16 Petal Lotus
Planet- Mercury
Animal Symbol- White Elephant
Astrological Symbol(s)- Gemini and Virgo
Gem Stones- Aqua Marine, Blue agate, sapphire, lapis

Physical– Throat, ears, shoulders, mouth
Psychological- Communication
Identity– Creative Identity
Sense- Sound
Right- To speak and be heard- I SPEAK

Colour- Sky Blue

Hyacinth is good for Throat Chakra

A happy, balanced Chakra allows us to experience and express our authentic selves. We are able to find inner peace, tap into our creativity and use our personal powers to achieve our highest aspirations.

Words Matter!

Through Throat Chakra the true self can be expressed. Words can speak love or throw hate. They can encourage and uplift or they can demoralize and damage. Everyone can remember a time when something was said to them (even in passing) that affected how you felt about yourself.

The Throat Chakra connects the body to the upper chakras that deal with spirituality. Speaking your truth must come from a place of love and compassion. In today’s society, everyone feels they have a right to say what is on their mind. What everyone needs to do is check in with their hearts before they speak and ask themselves if their ‘right’ is about making someone else wrong.

Is what you’re saying coming from a love space, intended to make the world a better, loving and more compassionate place? Express love and you will receive love.

Throat Chakra Traits:

Balanced– Courage to speak your truth, expression, ability to be heard and to hear others, teach your wisdom, creativity, saying no to things that do not serve you

Unbalanced- Shyness, reserved, ego driven, boastful, critical, lies, repressed emotions

Physical Ailments– Mouth or teeth issues, laryngitis, problems with neck and shoulders, thyroid issues, frequent colds

Chakra garden, garden with intention

There are many blue flowering plants you could use in your flower meditation for balancing your Throat Chakra. Be sure to check out the many garden themes suggested in the Chakra Gardening Category.
This new series is just beginning so be sure to check back over the next several months as I release new posts. 
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For this first post on Throat Chakra Plants, we will look at a few flowering plants that bloom from January to April.

Plants for Balancing the Throat Chakra

Grape Hyacinth

This gorgeous little flower grows in clusters and its sweet fragrance attracts bees and pollinators to the garden. It represents both sincerity and jealousy.
Yes, both the positive and negative are evident here!

If you find yourself speaking ill of someone who ‘appears’ to be enjoying the level of success you wish to achieve, sit with Hyacinth and focus on letting this energy go. It does not serve you (or the person whom you’re projecting this energy on to!) to be in the space of lack.

Express sincere gratitude about where you are in your journey and direct that same energy to the one you feel is enjoying abundance. Try looking at the situation as ‘what is possible’ and be thankful of what this person has revealed to you.

grape hyacinths for balancing the throat chakra
Grape Hyacinths Photo Credit: 86255327 © creativecommonsstockphotos –


Blue Iris is a wonderful plant for the Throat Chakra. Its qualities are of hope, faith, creativity and inner truth. When working towards a goal or setting an intention, ask Iris to help you balance vibrationally so that you may receive the divine messages that will assist you in achieving your goal.

Iris is good for balancing the throat chakra


There is so much folklore associated with these tiny blue flowers! Kings carried it for protection and used them as a symbol of royalty. It has been used to symbolize lost love and to remind us of those that have crossed over. In yet another legend, it is said that they represent the Mother Mary’s blue eyes so that we may never forget them.

The qualities of this flower are clarity, focus, prosperity and memory. Use Forget-me-not when you are needing to make a choice about a matter. Allow yourself to listen to your inner voice and be aware of positive images that come up regarding which path you should choose.

Forget-me-nots aid in balancing the throat chakra
Forget-Me-Nots Photo Credit: 86302259 © creativecommonsimages –


One of the earliest and prettiest blue flowers to bloom, these little blossoms often are pushing their heads up through the snow.

Chionodoxa is a reminder that regardless of what is going on around you, bravely speak your truth and bloom anyway. Don’t allow external conditions you cannot control make you hold back from being who you truly are.

Blue plants that help the Throat chakra
Chionodoxa ‘Glory of the Snow’ Photo Credit: 94536520 © creativecommonsstockphotos –

Siberian Squill

A true blue flower that represents fidelity, constancy and loyalty. Scilla has the habit of spreading and can quickly fill a space in your garden. This quality is good if you require constancy and wish to be vigilant in forming a new positive habit.

If you are a creative that gets off track with too many projects on the go, Scilla is a great flower to meditate with to help you remain loyal to completing a task.

meditate with blue flowers for balancing the throat chakra
Siberian Squill- Photo Credit: Veseys


You will find this gorgeous ground cover plant profusely blooming in spring. It’s usually sprawling over borders, creeping among other plants or hugging rocks. Litho means ‘stone’ and dorea means ‘gift’.

Lithodora’s electric blue flowers encourage us to be courageous and get noticed for sharing our gifts to the world. Work with Lithodora when you are embarking on expressing a creative new idea.

Blue flowers are great for the Throat Chakra
Lithodora Photo Credit: Doreen Wynja- Monrovia

Vibrational remedies balance inharmonies on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. ~ Maya Cointreau

As in any meditation practice, set up your space for dedicated soul time. To see more on how to create a garden space intended for meditation, visit my post How to create a meditation garden for some design tips.

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to focus on the energy of the flower and establish the connection. When you are ready, use the steps described in the post How to use Flower Energy for Meditation to begin your practice.

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