How to use Flower Energy for Meditation

All life on this planet has its own unique energy. We tend to view tree’s, plants and flowers like objects, not any different than our furniture indoors. But they are constantly vibrating with energy.

I find that when I’m in my ‘busy’ mind rushing to and from work, appointments and the million other things on my to-do list, that I get stuck in my head and stop ‘feeling’ the energy that surrounds me.
And I work in a garden centre!

Think about it though; if you own more than one pet, you might be able to sense that each one has a different ‘vibe’ and I’m not just talking personality. Our furry babies only know how to live in the moment. They do not live in the yesterday or plan for the tomorrow. Connecting with them always has a way of making us aware of the present.

Flower energy is powerful. They can literally lift your vibration.

I used to work for a wholesale nursery that grew thousands and thousands of annual plants. The small retail store I managed on the property advertised greenhouse tours on Saturdays throughout spring. If only a handful of people showed up for the tour, I’d run around and recruit customers to join us so that I could at least get a bit of a crowd.

Often the wife of a couple was all in while her husband would be completely reluctant. I’m not one to take no for an answer, ‘I promise you won’t believe your eyes!’.

Within minutes of entering the greenhouses, approximately 9 acres under glass, those that had unwillingly drudged along were now brimming from ear to ear. As far as the eye could see, we were surrounded in gorgeous blooms.

Here I am standing in the middle of the Poinsettia crop

After giving my usual spiel and taking them through greenhouse after greenhouse, I watch for the body signals that they are ready to receive the last part of my walking presentation.

The clenched jaws are softened. The crossed arms are now thumbs in pockets. The shoulders have dropped and the walking pace goes from ‘let’s just get this over with’ to ‘not in no big hurry to get anywhere’.

I’ll stop the group and say ‘Do you feel that?’ Instantly, they all begin to look around themselves, using their eyes to find the feeling that they are experiencing.
‘What you are feeling right now, folks, is green energy. You simply cannot be surrounded by all of these amazing blooms and not experience joy’.

This always invokes smiles and whether they are realize it or not, they just received the gift of awareness. They are in the is-ness of the moment.

My work is done here.

Flowers are the plants expression of joy. They are vibrating at a high frequency when they are in bloom. It’s why we use them to elevate celebrations of joy and why we use them during times of sorrow to relieve the suffering.

When it comes time for us to quiet our busy minds and connect with our true selves, flowers are there to assist us in this shift to awareness.
Like our furry friends, their energy is always in the now.

Throughout all human history, we’ve used flowers in sacred ceremonies, thought of them as powerful omens and have used them to represent gods and goddesses.
There isn’t a single culture on earth that doesn’t use flowers to express love, joy, sorrow or worship. Our relationship to these beautiful living entities has and will always be intertwined with our existence here on the planet.

It’s a blessing to share our lives with such exquisite gifts from our Earth Mother.

Preparing for Flower Meditation

1.Have an area in the garden or outdoors where you won’t be disturbed during your practice. Creating this sacred spot need not be complicated. Check out the post on How To Create A Meditation Garden to learn how to design a garden area that is right for you.

2. For a balancing meditation, a white flower would be a good choice for centering and refocusing your energy. If you desire to work on a particular Chakra, choose one of the many flowers associated with it. You can find suggestions in the posts written on Chakra flowers in the Chakra Gardening Category.

3.If you can do this without cutting the flower from the plant, then you may be able to return to meditate with the same flower for as long as it holds it’s petals. However, if you need to cut the flower so that you can raise it to your eye level, place it in a vase where it can be enjoyed for the rest of the day. Use it to remind you of repeating your mantra or intention every time you look at it.

4.Once you are seated in a comfortable position, preferably on a cushion or in direct contact with the ground; relax your shoulders, take a few cleansing breaths and begin to focus on the flower.

5.Feel yourself connecting with its energy, its life force. Mentally ask for the flowers permission to work with it and set your intention. Let yourself be open to any messages that may come up. If it doesn’t feel like it’s an energetic match, thank the spirit of the flower and choose another one.

6.Focus a soft gaze on the flower and examine it. Really look at all of it’s features like its the first time you have ever seen it. Allow yourself to let everything around you move to the background.

7.Close your eyes and see the image of the flower in your minds eye. Mindfully tune into the Chakra you are working on. If a thought comes up, simply open your eyes and return your gaze to the flower. Let the thought move on, don’t give it any energy and don’t try to force it away, just bring your focus back to the flower.

8.Gently close your eyes again holding the image of the flower in your mind. Repeat this as many times as necessary until you have reached a relaxed state and your mind is quiet and calm. Commit to doing this for at least 10 minutes.

9.When you feel you are ready to end your practice, thank the spirit of the flower and send it your love.

Other ways you can increase the frequency is to include crystals associated with the Chakra you are working on. Simply holding them while you connect with the flower energy is enough.

Incense or essential oils can be used but be mindful if you are working with flowers that have their own perfume. Taking in the scent of the flower is part of experiencing its essence and true connection with its vibrational output.

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