Plants to Balance the Third Eye Chakra

Chakra refers to the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. These wheels of energy are believed to spin at different spots along the spine. Although they are aligned with the spine, they spin throughout our core to both sides.

There are 7 main Chakras and many more according to some belief systems. Each Chakra has it’s own colour, like that of the rainbow. To understand more about how light = colour, read the post about Colour Therapy

The wheels of energy vary with each individual and factors such as physical conditions, energy levels, stress, and disease can affect them. They can become unbalanced or blocked resulting in many physical symptoms as well as emotional. Maintaining a balanced Chakra system is vital to our health and well being. 

Third Eye Chakra symbol

Anja -The Third Eye Chakra is located at the centre of the forehead and is also known as the Brow Chakra. This 6th chakra allows us to intuitively reason, imagine, create, through mind and thought development. It helps us ‘see’ our truth and that in others. 

The Third Eye Chakra governs:




~Higher Wisdom

~Action of Ideas

Each Chakra is linked to several different areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. They govern over specific areas of our bodies, correspond with our senses, and rule over certain emotions.They are also associated with elements, spirit animals, planets, gem stones and crystals and astrological signs. 

The Third Eye Chakra is associated with:

Symbol- 2 Petal Lotus
Planet- Moon
Animal Symbol- Black Antelope
Astrological Symbol(s)- Cancer 
Gem Stones- Lapis, blue agate, purple fluorite, apatite

Physical– Eyes, base of skull, brow, brain
Psychological- Intuition/Imagination
Identity– Archetypal Identity
Sense- Intuition
Right- To see- I SEE

Colour- Indigo, deep blue

Crocus is a great plant for the third eye chakra

A happy, balanced Chakra allows us to experience and express our authentic selves. We are able to find inner peace, tap into our creativity and use our personal powers to achieve our highest aspirations.

Thoughts Become Things!

The Third Eye Chakra is also known as the Brow Chakra. This powerful Chakra is the key to connecting with our intuition. It allows us to ‘see’ the future in the form of an idea. Everything that ever came to be started with a thought.

Think about it. That bridge you cross every day on the way to work was an idea in someones head. Now it’s a thing.

Never underestimate what messages you are receiving. Do know that you brain is always talking and desires to return to familiarity even if it doesn’t serve you.

Learn to tell the difference between the truth and a belief. Use your other Chakra’s to check in on thoughts that seem to pull you down energetically.

Ask the Root Chakra: Does this thought feel safe?
Ask the Sacral Chakra: Does this thought bring me joy?
Ask the Solar Plexus Chakra: Does this thought serve me and others?
Ask the Heart Chakra: Does this thought come from love?
Ask the Throat Chakra: Does this thought come from truth?

And ask your Third Eye Chakra does this thought move me towards my purpose?

Third Eye Chakra Traits:

Balanced– Clear thought, self reflection, open mind, intuitive thinking, positive dreams, open mind, detachment, clairvoyance, ethical, conscience of self, awareness

Unbalanced- Lack of reasoning, short attention span, hallucinations or fantasizing, learning disabilities, fear of truth

Physical Ailments– Problems eyes, panic, anxiety, brain tumors, headaches

Try placing a leaf over your third eye chakra when meditating

There are many purple flowering plants you could use in your flower meditation for balancing your Third Eye Chakra. Be sure to check out the many garden themes suggested in the Chakra Gardening Category.
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For this first post about Third Eye Chakra Plants, we will focus on plants that bloom between January and April.

Plants to Balance the Third Eye Chakra


These delicate flowers are associated with the number 5 which is the number of vision, expansion and personal freedom. This makes these perfect for a meditation garden when focusing on your Third Eye Chakra.

Plants for third eye chakra


One of the earliest to rise out of the ground pushing through the snow. This flower represents new beginnings. It moves up through the frozen earth to express its vibrant joyful self.

Allow yourself to sit with Crocus and ask for its assistance in banishing negative thoughts and emotions.

Deep purple plants for third eye chakra


There is much folklore related to Cyclamen. In some stories it is thought to represent deep love, tenderness and sincerity. In others, it is associated with death.

Since flowers are a part of nature, the universe and the spirit that moves through all things, we need to know that stories and fables are man made associations and that all things created are love.

Endings can be a good thing, in fact, the death of a thing that no longer serves you can be a blessing! Use Cyclamen to banish old repetitive ideas that plague you. Ask cyclamen to assist you in putting an end to negative patterns.

Cyclamen for third eye chakra
Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0,


Gorgeous when trailing over walls and planters, this stunning early blooming perennial always has people coming into the garden centre searching for it once it puts on its show.

Try floating a few of these flowers in a bowl of water. Amp up the vibration by adding your favourite crystal for balancing the Third Eye Chakra. Focus on the the yellow eye of the flower and try to see it when you close your eyes, holding the vision of it while concentrating on your Third Eye Chakra.

Aubrietia for third eye chakra
Photo Credit: Pauline Eccles [CC BY-SA 2.0 (]


There are so many meanings attributed to this flower: love, foolishness, faith, and winning.

When focusing on a goal, meditate with Columbine and picture yourself achieving it. Put your faith into the messages that come up and visions that your Third Eye may show you on what steps you can take.

Columbine for third eye chakra
Ejohnsonboulder [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons


Lilacs are my favourite spring flower. The scent is delicious so be sure to not use any essential oils or incense when spending time with Lilac. It symbolizes love, wisdom and purity.

The aromatherapy alone makes these plants to balance your Third Eye Chakra a divine experience.

Lilac for third eye chakra
Photo Credit: Free photo 116267885 © Publicdomainphotos –

Vibrational remedies balance inharmonies on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. ~ Maya Cointreau

As in any meditation practice, set up your space for dedicated soul time. To see more on how to create a garden space intended for meditation, visit my post How to create a meditation garden for some design tips.

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to focus on the energy of the flower and establish the connection. When you are ready, use the steps described in the post How to use Flower Energy for Meditation to begin your practice.

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Plants for third eye chakra

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