Plants to Balance the Sacral Chakra

Chakra refers to the Sanskrit word meaning wheel. These wheels of energy are believed to spin at different spots along the spine. Although they are aligned with the spine, they spin throughout our core to both sides.

There are 7 main Chakras and many more according to some belief systems. Each Chakra has it’s own colour, like that of the rainbow. To learn more about how plants absorb light energy in the form of colour, read the post on Colour Therapy.

The wheels of energy vary with each individual and factors such as physical conditions, energy levels, stress, and disease can affect them. They can become unbalanced or blocked resulting in many physical symptoms as well as emotional. Maintaining a balanced Chakra system is vital to our health and well being. 

Svadihistana -The Sacral Chakra is located just below the navel, approximatley 3 fingers width down from the belly button. This Chakra is our passion and pleasure center. Creativity is fueled from the Sacral Chakra; the passion to dream, write, or invent all come from the energy generated here. It is also our pleasure center which governs over feelings of joy, desire and sexual fullfilment. 

The Sacral Chakra governs:

  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Pleasure and Sensuality
  • Creative energy
  • Idea center
  • Leadership and Connecting with others

Each Chakra is linked to several different areas of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. They govern over specific areas of our bodies, correspond with our senses, and rule over certain emotions.They are also associated with elements, spirit animals, planets, gem stones and crystals and astrological signs. 

The Sacral Chakra is associated with:

Symbol- 6 Petal Lotus
Planet- Jupiter
Animal Symbol- Crocodile
Astrological Symbol(s)- Sagittarius, Pisces
Gem Stones- Cornelian, moonstone, tourmaline, garnet, amber

Physical– Kidneys, bladder, genetals
Psychological- Movement and Connection
Identity– Emotional
Sense- Taste
Right- To feel, to want- I FEEL

Colour- Orange

A happy, balanced Chakra allows us to experience and express our authentic selves. We are able to find inner peace, tap into our creativity and use our personal powers to achieve our highest aspirations.

The Sacral Chakra governs our passion centre. It drives our creative endeavours and our relationships with others and ourselves. Considered to be the self expression and joy chakra, it is associated with pleasure and sexuality.

Sacral Chakra Traits:

Balanced– Sociable, considerate, creative, self aware, happy, manifestation

Unbalanced- Blame, guilt, controlling, lack of sexual desire/too much of, lethargy, low self esteem

Physical Ailments– Problems with urinary, impotence, pelvic pain, sciatica, lower back pain

There are literally thousands of orange flowering plants you could use in your flower meditation for balancing your Sacral Chakra. Be sure to check out the many garden themes suggested in the Chakra Gardening Category. 
This new series is just beginning so be sure to check back over the next several months as I release new posts. 
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For this first post on Sacral Chakra Plants, we will look at a few flowering plants that bloom from January to April.

Flowering Plants for the Sacral Chakra

Mandarin Lights Azalea 

This spring blooming shrub has the most gorgeous orange flowers. It’s one of the earlier blooming varieties of Azalea and Rhododenrons.

Azaleas are associated with temperance and can symbolize restraint and moderation. This may be useful for the Sacral Chakra that is out of balance emotionally and unable to control their desires.

If the imbalance is the feeling of unworthiness, an orange Azalea flower reminds us to be kind to ourselves and learn self love and acceptance.

Photo Credit: Doreen Wynja- Monrovia


This early spring flower is a delight with its paper thin folding petals. It symbolizes charm and attractiveness. Try working with this flower if you struggle with feeling unworthy.
This flower may help you appreciate how beautiful you truly are and encourage you to express yourself.


Tulips are recognized universally as symbolizing love and romance. If you are in a relationship, this flower may help raise the vibration romantically. Seeking love? Sit with Tulip and set the intention of attracting love into your life.

Tiger Lily

Tall flowering plants that can grow to 4ft tall! This one below was one of the first to bloom in my garden every year and required staking for support.

Tiger lilies symbolize passion and the feminine drive. It exudes confidence and pride. A perfect flower for feeling attractive or for enhancing your creative spirit.


Wallflowers symbolize fidelity and faithfulness in adversity. If you find yourself being tempted or confused in a relationship, sit with Wallflower to help strengthen your resolve.

Erysium Orange Glow Photo Credit: Monrovia


Highly fragranced, this little flower was used for centuries to make perfumes. It is a symbol of love and has been used to celebrate weddings.
Having edible petals, it may be used for dressing desserts increasing the vibration around a special anniversary.
Use Viola for recharging commitments in love relationships.

Colour Max Clear Orange Viola Photo Credit: Stokes Seeds

Vibrational remedies balance inharmonies on an emotional, physical and spiritual level. ~ Maya Cointreau

As in any meditation practice, set up your space for dedicated soul time. To see more on how to create a garden space intended for meditation, visit my post How to create a meditation garden for some design tips.

Once you have everything in place, it’s time to focus on the energy of the flower and establish the connection. When you are ready, use the steps described in the post How to use Flower Energy for Meditation to begin your practice.

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