During a meditation, it occurred to me that my practice of visualizing a flower for each Chakra was more than just an exercise using symbolic icons for focusing my energy. When I receive inspirational ideas, often it feels like I ‘downloaded’ it from the universe. This was one of those times when I realized I was receiving divine inspiration. My background in Horticulture aligns perfectly with my belief system and I realized that I had a unique ability to share this information to help others on their journey. 

Chromotherapy is the scientific term used for all applications of healing achieved through the use of colour therapies. It is more than just psychological effects commonly used by marketers in the commercial goods industry. In my post regarding colour therapy, I discuss how plants ‘absorb colour’, that light IS colour.

Understanding how nature, colour therapy, and the food we grow and eat are all relative to keeping our energetic bodies happy and healthy; I began to explore ways in how we can take our meditation practice outdoors. 

Connecting with the spirit that moves through all things.

Science is discovering how energy patterns are connected throughout nature and the various effects it can have on the life force of living things.

Even Anti-Bullying campaigns use plants as an example of how negative energy directed at them can affect their growth and appearance. You don’t have to be a scientist to see that this phenomena exits.

The Biophilia hypothesis suggests that humans subconsciously seek out other living things. Our craving to connect with other life forms is deeply rooted in our biology.

It only makes perfect sense then, that if we wish to connect with our true selves, we need to find a way to connect with nature. Combining our meditation practice whilst establishing an energetic connection with our Earth Mother may increase the flow of positive vibration allowing us to achieve a deeper, more life enhancing experience.

There is no doubt that gardening helps us regulate our emotions, health and overall wellbeing. A thousand studies on how gardening improves ones state are abundant and everyone agrees that this activity is good for the soul.

Learn how to incorporate Mother Nature into your meditations

Negative emotional states will prevent the free flow of consciousness. It blocks our Chakras and interferes with our life’s purpose. We get stuck.

Chakra Gardening is about gardening with intention. It’s about connecting with a plants life force and using that energy to enhance your meditation ritual.

In the Chakra Gardening series, you will discover the many different plants and flowers you can include in your garden. Let’s be clear, a garden doesn’t necessarily mean a large greenspace. It can be as small as a 4’x4′ balcony barely big enough to fit a chair.

A garden is unique to each individual and one should never feel that lack of available space is not enough. It’s always enough to create a special living corner meant just for you. Check out: How to Create a Meditation Garden.

Create a mediation area in your garden

Over the next year, I will continue to add garden plans and various techniques to create Chakra Gardens big and small. Even how to create a Chakra planter that you can bring indoors if no outdoor space is available to you at all.

Visit the Chakra Gardening category for posts with information on how to create a Chakra Garden space. There you will discover flowers that work with each Chakra and how to choose your meditation flower.

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What flowers work with each Chakra?

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