As the lead decorator at a Christmas store, I use copious amounts of Sinamay (decorator’s mesh) in my tree’s and displays. Now with the approaching wedding season I’ve decided to put together a few video tutorials to show how it can be used in so many ways throughout the year and for all occasions.

(Click on the image below if you want to see the garland video tutorial)

I recently decorated the shrubs outside the store in happy (or should I say hoppy) color’s for Easter. Imagine how fun this would have been to decorate your backyard for an Easter Egg hunt that even the adults would enjoy! Be sure to follow my Facebook Page and/or Twitter accounts as I always post images there that don’t always get written up in my blog.

I’ll release three Sinamay tutorials over the next week, starting with a decor sampler to give party planners and brides some inspiration. My other Sinamay tutorials from Christmas time can be found here, under the holiday decorating section. I must admit those were a little rushed and not as good as the ones I am releasing now, but they are still packed with great idea’s so check them out!

There are so many wedding decor ideas using this material, that every bride no matter what her style, would be able to find a use for it anywhere between the engagement party to the gift opening. If your planning an anniversary party, a shower, a themed event, or a fundraiser, this material can quickly transform the venue into the perfect festive atmosphere your event needs to be a success.

Here is the first video, a Sinamay Sampler…hope you enjoy it


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