Succulent Dish Garden for Valentines Day


 Succulent Dish Garden For Valentines Day

Chocolates are nice, but succulents are better! This adorable heart shaped Succulent Dish Garden for Valentines Day is the perfect gift for a plant lover.

Here’s how to make this cute project in just a few minutes!


For the supplies you will need:

  • A heart shaped dish
  • A couple of succulents
  • 2 bags of colored sand
  • A message stone

The heart dish and the two bags of sand were bought at the Dollar store, so you can save on this big time getting these supplies from there. Use any two succulents you like or more depending on the size of your dish.


Succulent Dish Garden


Message stones can be bought, but I went for a hunt around my driveway to find a stone I could paint and write my message on.


Succulent Dish Garden (4)


Place your succulents in the dish out of their containers in the areas you want them to sit. Start with you first color of sand and begin filling the bottom of the dish working around your plants.


Succulent Dish Garden (1)


Now do a layer in your second color to create layers visible from all sides. Once you have that done, you can decide how to finish off the top. I chose to outline the heart with pink and put white in the center.


Succulent Dish Garden (3)


Then I placed my message stone into my succulent dish garden to finish it off. You could use a stone that says friends, wish, dream, family, etc. if this is meant to be a gift for a friend or relative.


Succulent Dish Garden (6)


Care of your dish garden is easy. Water the planted area very gently and very sparingly. Succulents like to dry out completely in between waterings and since there is no drainage in a dish garden, they won’t require a drink very often. Just lift your dish up and look at the bottom for wet sand… if it looks dry, give it a little drink.


Succulent Dish Garden (2)


How easy was that!? Make yourself or someone you love one of these adorable Succulent Dish Gardens for Valentines Day and give a gift that will last throughout the year.


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