DIY Pallet Trough Planter


Pallet Trough Planter

If you have a small patio, then you don’t have a lot of room for big planters. This easy DIY Pallet Trough Planter can be made in an afternoon and it’s perfect for pushing up against a patio wall.


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If you have been following my posts, then you may have already seen some of the pallet DIY’s I’ve done this season. My 1 Pallet, 5 projects series includes this trough planter and it works perfectly on my already full patio.


Pallet Trough Planter


All I did was cut the two ends off a pallet and used one slat for the bottom, then screw them all together. I gave it a quick sand and a light colored stain.


pallet planter


I wanted it to look like a pallet so some of the shipping ink font is still on the ends. Once I lined it with some landscape fabric, I filled it with ProMix Container Soil and stuffed it with some Proven Winners Plants.


Pallet Trough Planter (1)


My plant selections include:

Center- Juncus (Common Rush)

Middle- Geraniums and Proven Winners Superbells Holy Moly

Ends- Proven Winners Browallia Endless Illumination


Pallet Trough Planter (2)


It’s literally 4′ long by only 6″ wide. If you got a tight spot that needs some green love, this Pallet Trough Planter is for you!

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