Seeds, seeds and more seeds.

Winter is actually a great time for gardeners. Instead of tending to our gardens we are dreaming about them. My mother always tells the story that while other teenage girls would read fiction novels, her Shelley loved to read seed catalogs….and I have been doing it ever since.

I have my go-to’s that I’ve been ordering from for years, but I’ve added a few more to my source list for 2013 and am excited to share them with you!

Here’s 7 Organic Seed companies worth checking out.


Seed Savers Exchange


1) Seed savers Exchange


We’ll start with this organic seed company based out of Decorah, Iowa. Members of this non-profit seed exchange group strive for biodiversity and conservation of heirloom seeds through saving and sharing.

As an original signing member of the Safe Seed Pledge, they have made a commitment to preserve our garden heritage. Members contributions have resulted in many unique varieties that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Your purchase of seeds supports their organization and on going programs.


Vesey's Seeds


2) Vesey’s Seeds


Since 1939 this seed company has been providing quality seeds to gardeners across North America from their Atlantic home on Prince Edward Island. Their extensive catalog has hundreds of seeds and bulbs to choose from including 82 organic herbs and vegetables.

I’ve been ordering from Vesey’s for years and have given gift certificates to my mom and mother-in-law on Mother’s Day from time to time. If you are in the market for a tiller this year, be sure to check out their Mantis Tiller and Accessory products, I’ve been dreaming of buying one of these for years.


Native Seeds

 3) Native Seeds


I was just informed that their prized Glass Gem Corn was ready for purchase…sweet! I’ve been on their waiting list for the last 8 months…and was very excited to put in my order.

This organic seed company is based out of Tucson, Arizona. They are the savers of wild and ancient seeds from the southern western states and Mexico. Will my precious corn grow here in my temperate clime? Like many a gardener, I am willing to try my luck and press against my designated hardiness zone. Fingers crossed!


Salt Spring Seeds


4) Salt Spring Seeds


What’s not to LOVE about this seed company! Grains, tea’s and seed saving tips are just some of Dan Jason’s offerings from this island based seed company. Dedicated to providing open-pollnated, untreated and GMO-free seeds, this company’s earthy  philosophy is sure to please….just one look at those dirt laden hands cradling a shaft of wheat and I was hooked!

Dirty Hands, Clean Living


Nichols Garden Nursery


5) Nichols Garden Nursery


This is their first year to have a catalog available on line and what a catalog it is! Being in the group of one of the first signers of the Safe Seed Pledge, this charming Oregon based organic seed provider has a ton of offerings. From recipes to cheese making kits, they are an excellent source for the gardener cook.


Johnny's Seeds


6) Johnny’s Selected Seeds


From Winslow, Maine comes this organic seed company which is 100% owned by it’s employee’s. I just love that! They too are an original Safe Seed Pledge signer and have 100’s of seeds to choose from. Check out their site for helpful on line tools like a seed calculator or their downloadable charts. If you prefer video instruction, they have that too through their Youtube tutorials.



Bakers Creek Seeds


7). Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds

I met Jere Gettle in his signature overalls down at the Chicago Independent Garden Centre Show and saw piles of their heirloom veggies in their display booth. I immediately loved their branding, their down to earth attitudes and of course, their amazing array of seeds.


Bakers Creek Heirloom Seed Catalog


There are literally hundreds of unique seed companies to choose from. Be a conscientious seed buyer and look for those companies that are aiming to supply you with organic, non-treated, non-GMO, open pollenated, heirloom seeds.

Or what our grandparents would have said…. seeds.

Too bad we have to list all those descriptive words in-front of what should be our natural right to have in the first place, no?



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The beauty of the internet is the ability to shop around for seeds from companies that are environmentally responsible. Don’t limit yourself to the seeds found on the shelves at local nurseries or hardware stores….and always do your homework.

Happy Sowing!

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