Super Wreath


Part 1: Making a Wreath

5 Awesome Blings Tutorial Series

My favorite thing is theme decor! Christmas decorating isn’t just red and green, it’s all about the different themes that people have going on during the holidays.

Everything from Candyland to rustic falls into the Christmas genre and I do them all!


peacock wreath


This is what I do as a profession and I have had the pleasure of decorating many homes and retail stores over the years in every theme you can imagine. During this time of the year, I’m completely covered in glitter and no, I don’t ever get sick of it.


Cheer Wreath


I have a tutorial video series called “5 Awesome Blings” on YouTube and the first in the set is my wreath tutorial.


 Christmas only comes once a year and I hope my tips and decorating idea’s inspire you to bring holiday magic to your home. If you want to see some more of my creations, you can find them on my ‘S & D Christmas Originals’ board over on Pinterest.


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