mini pumpkins


Gourds, Gourds, Gourds


I love using gourds in my fall displays. In a previous post I showed how great these looked IN a planter… now I’ll show you how to use them AS a planter.


gourds and pumpkins


For the pumpkin, most people carve out from the top… but I chose to carve it out from it’s side.


pumpkin carving


Remove the innards and add a little soil to the pumpkin. If you plan to use this inside, don’t drill holes in the bottom but if you put this outside in an area where it will get rained on… then create drainage and drill in a few holes.


pumpking planter


I added a fall aster, a sedum, some pansy’s and a Tradescantia to this pumpkin planter.


pumpkin planter


For the Crookneck Gourd I used a melon baller to hallow out the innards. It was a little tough to get through the thick skin at first but once I got in, the rest was easy.


melon baller


The balance was off once I removed the pulp but I just added a stone to correct that and once I added a little soil and the pansy.. it was fine.


hallowed out gourd


crookneck gourd


How cute is this little planter?


gourd planters


AND it can be a mini hanging planter!


hanging gourd planter

Think outside of the pot and have fun with your gourds.




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