Lavender in the herb garden


 Fresh Herb Wreath

 Since wreaths are so hot right now, I decided to make a fresh herb wreath using fragrant bundles straight from my garden.

Not only does this wreath smell incredible, it will look amazing when it’s dry since all the flowers picked for it are perfect for dried arrangements.


Herbal bundles


I harvested chamomile, lavender and helichrysum and gathered them into mixed bundles that I tightly wound with florist wire.

I left a wire good tail on each bundle and used that to attach the bundles to the wreath.


 Herb Garden


The bundles are then attached clockwise over lapping each other until the wreath is full.

I use whats left of the wire tail to secure a few flower heads of the next bundle so that it covers the base of the next.


 Herbal wreaths


 This wreath was so fragrant that it lasted for months! 

The scents were such an amazing blend I would make little bundles just to tuck in drawers.


Fresh Herb Wreath by Sow and Dipity


How pretty is this!!

It’s sitting in a small vignette on my corner mantel and I just love how it turned out.


Herb Wreath Vignette


lavender wreath


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