Pink and Purple Hanging basket


Flower Garden Design Ideas


This is one of those posts where a picture is worth a thousand words. If your a plant geek like me, your in for a treat. 


Planter design


Over the years I have planted hundreds of containers, done massive bulb displays and grown thousands of vegetables. Every spring, I decide what my color scheme will be and begin planning what annuals I will buy to achieve it. 


Bulb DisplayVancouver Art Gallery Cafe Garden


Vegetable Garden


I’ve always admired Monet’s style of gardening and I try to create drama at every level so that the eye can indulge. From climbers to crawlers, you will see color everywhere when you visit my garden. 


Colorful hanging baskets


I love brilliant pinks with chartreuse, here’s my front container vignette for 2012.




Once the petunia’s had gone leggy in late October, I popped them out and created a fall display by adding pops of orange and yellow. Ipomea looks best at the end of the season making this one plant worth growing every year. 


Fall planter


Purple is a favorite of mine too… some years I just want to smother the garden in it. Wait for pictures of this years garden, it’s going to be!


Purple themed hanging basket


Very bright yellows and reds when paired with black petunia’s can be an over the top show stopper like this one I did up this past week for Milner Village Garden Centre.


Red, yellow and black flowers


This picture is from a few years back in my garden design days where we went with a tutti-frutti theme in one of my clients yards. Love the yellow and pink!


gorgeous planters


I always shop early to get the best selection of plants. When I shopped for several clients back then, I stored them in my greenhouse until it was time to go outside. I have a potting shed with a big window now, but oh how I miss that greenhouse… it was done in by a bad winter storm one year .



In the picture above, you can see the whole top shelf to the left is my moss hanging baskets. The traffic always slowed when they went past… these babies got big!


Moss hanging baskets


My current garden goes through several transformations of amazing color, like this bed…




spring bulbs




Early Summer Dianthus




Fall Garden bed


Even after my flowering hanging baskets have gone leggy, my mono baskets of Ipomea will finish off the fall season in glorious color.


Ipomea hanging baskets


Who said a pretty flower garden had to be in bright colors? Here’s a white garden I did for a client in it’s first season. I can only imagine how beautiful it is now…I’ll have to go back for a visit!


White garden


Containers and planters are my favorite part of flower garden design, I love putting them together. Here’s another combo I did this week for Milner…


pretty containers


Sometimes odd parings make for a striking display…


designer planter


They can also be edible and junky like this vintage lunch box herb planter. See more fun junky ideas in my Garden Junk-Man style post.


herb container


Here’s my front vignette now, I’ll do a separate post on all the phases it has gone through and will go through this year in October.


pink and purple planter


But don’t worry if you don’t have a green thumb I have a solution for you. I always plant my own designer planters but this year I cheated when I ran out of time and I thought I could show folks that are less green gifted a little trick.


Your neighbors and friends will be amazed and be thinking to themselves….


How DOES she do it!


3 Simple Steps to create gorgeous containers

 Have fun planning your garden this year and stick with a particular color theme… it’s always more dramatic to color block and repeat, repeat, repeat, than to create a potpourri of flowers everywhere. 

Peace Love Garden