First Sign of Spring by

First Sign of spring

Literally! It’s the first sign I made this year, lol. This DIY garden sign is SOW simple to make and a lot of fun too. Materials needed….dried moss, an old board, burlap, glue and paint.


IMG_1598Burlap covered Boards








Awhile back I had covered two wall art boards with burlap ( glued the pieces on ) and painted the centers with a couple coats of paint with the intention of adding some words or witting sayings. I have lot’s of these little half finished projects around….it’s not that I ‘quit’ them, I just change directions….like, a lot. I always come back to them eventually though.

I recalled that I had these prepped boards when I was trying to think which of my garden signs would work for an early spring container display.

Perfect! I’ll just put one word on it….Spring.


Moss and glue

But how? Should I paint it, mod podge it…Hey! I have a bag of dried craft moss, I know exactly what I want to do.

Spring sign

So I drew out the letter’s in pencil and used good ‘ol school glue and a pop-cicle stick to fill in the shapes. I outlined my letters in glue first then I bent back a popsicle stick to act as a spreader.

I used a pair of scissors to cut the moss up to a fine tea leaf consistency and silly me, forgot to take a picture of the whole board covered in moss. I left this project to dry and headed outside to put together the spring container display.

Spring Trellis Sign

I just gave this a shake to get off all the excess moss into a plastic grocery bag to save for another project. I love how this turned out. It took no time at all and it fit’s perfect with my Spring Container Display theme.

Spring Planter Display by

What will your First Sign of Spring be?