easter bonnet hanging basket


Easter Bonnet Hanging Baskets

Do you ever wander the Dollar Store aisles and think… Can I put dirt in that?

I do all the time and I happened onto some children’s sun hats that reminded me of the Easter Bonnets we used to have to decorate. Those big colorful eggs in the picture below got covered with moss and hung on my door as an alternative to a wreath. Check them out here:  Mossy Egg Door Decor

OK, now on to the Easter Bonnet Hanging Baskets. These $1 hats are about to get stuffed 😉


dollar store junk


I made four little slits in the top of the hat to push the ribbon through. The I pulled it up through a plastic plant pot and laid the ribbon over the sides. You could choose to do this with out the pots and just put the soil directly into the hat but I did it this way to maintain the shape so the weight of the soil didn’t make the hat sag.

These are just Dollar Store hats, so I wasn’t concerned about lining them etc. This is a short term, quick and dirty project. And since they won’t get stretched out, they’ll probably be reusable for next year…..now that’s a good bang for your buck! Time to pot these bonnets up.


straw hat planter


Add a handful of potting soil to the pot and a selection of three spring annuals and bulbs. Tulips, Daffodils, pansies and primula were used in these hats.




Easter Bonnet Planters


The plastic Easter eggs have a little hole at the end that I just stuck a skewer through to add as picks in my arrangements.


easter hanging baskets


easter bonnet planter


To finish it off I added moss to hide the pot and that’s it! Now that’s an Easter Bonnet! Have a Hoppy Day!

Think Outside the Pot!