Downtown Abbey Christmas Tree


Here’s one for all the hardcore fans of this British hit! I was determined to do a shabby chic tree this year and decided to give it a vintage twist inspired by one of my favorite shows.

But what exactly do you need to create a Downtown Abbey Themed Christmas Tree?

Well, let’s just say I had nothing to work with so I made all the props that I would need to theme this tree.

antiquing christmas ornaments


There was no balls for my petal pink hue, but plenty of discarded silver balls from seasons past, perfect up-cycle for a shabby chic tree, yes?

A coat of acrylic paint was applied lightly to the balls and when they were almost dry, I used a rag to wipe it off in spots to give it an antique finish.


how to antique Christmas ornaments


I found stacks of these mini doilies in a cupboard at work, so I stapled them together for a lace-like garland.


Doily garland


There was plenty of these vintage photo frames in the store and figured they would look great in the tree. I searched the net for images of the ladies from the Grantham clan, then antiqued them for an authentic look.


Downton abby Christmas tree decorations


This gorgeous hat was offered on loan from my boss’s mother-in-law….could it be any more perfect!


Downton Abby Christmas Tree Topper


Now the ladies of Downtown Abbey drink plenty of tea and my employee Hannah just so happens to come from a family of pickers… so she brought these vintage tea cups in to help me complete the look.


vintage tree ornament


The last finishing touches were dozens of silk cabbage roses and plenty strands of pearls.


How to decorate a vintage tree


cabbage roses in antique tree


And since we were going to have a scavenger hunt game for the ladies on the night of our Winter Reveal Party ( post for that coming soon! ), it seemed fitting to add ‘What does Cousin Violet say?’ to the list of questions they had to find the answers for.
I pinned this little viral expression of hers to the tree with a beautiful hair clip.


what is a weekend


So from nothing to something, I was able to create a tree that Downton Abbey fans absolutely adored.


antique christmas ornament


Hope you love it too!


Downton Abby Themed Christmas Tree


There’s really only one way to appreciate this tree and that’s in person, to see it visit our store, Milner Village Garden Centre.

I have plenty more themes I’m going to post this week so be sure to check back….

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