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Easy DIY Macrame Hanger


This DIY macrame hanger features three tiers for hanging herbs in your kitchen. In about an hour you can easily put this together using simple materials. Here’s what you will need.

I used 4″ terracotta pots and just gave them a quick brush with gesso, a thick white paint that helps seal the surface. If you want to use regular acrylic that will work too. Take a cloth and wipe off some of the paint in area’s along the rim to get a semi aged look.


Macrame Plant Hanger 4


Once dry, I used this great stencil set from Michaels for putting on the herb names. You could stamp on the letters or go free hand but I figured I’ll use these stencils again and again so I bought the set. I just blotted the contrasting green paint on loosely and let dry.


Macrame Plant Hanger 1 (2)

I’m not putting drip trays under these so I simply placed my potted herb into a sandwich baggy to catch the excess when I water.


Macrame Plant Hanger 2 (2)


Let’s move onto the DIY macrame hanger while we wait for our pots to dry.


DIY Macrame Herb Hanger 2


Choose a thick yarn or wool as bulky as you can find in your color preference. Cut 3 pieces 4 meters long each. If you are using bigger pots than the 4″ I used, add another 1/2 meter or so to allow for more length.

Take your ring ( metal or wood ) and slide it down until it’s in the center of the yarn so that half of the strands are on either side and do a simple square knot nice tied tightly to the ring.


Macrame Plant Hanger 1


You will now have 6 strands. Divide these into pairs forming 3 sets of pairs. Attach the ring to something solid or hang it as this will allow you to use gravity to set your lengths when you do the next few knots.


Macrame Plant Hanger 3


Now measure down 15″ from the top knot and make another one with the two strands to your left. Repeat this with the middle and right pairs making sure they are all approximately the same distance from the top knot.


Macrame Plant Hanger 1 (1)


Measure 4″ down from these knots and create pairings from the opposite sets, knot them working around till they all are attached.


Macrame Plant Hanger 2 (1)


Gather all six strands and do another square knot right below the last 3 knots. This is your first basket.


Macrame Plant Hanger 3 (1)


For the second basket, measure 6″ from the square knot. This is so that you have room for your plant below the first. Again, adjust the lengths if you use bigger pots. Make 3 knots from your pairs. Divide these again and repeat the steps from your first basket by knotting 4″ down and all the way around, finishing with a square knot.


Macrame Plant Hanger 2


Macrame Plant Hanger 4 (1)


Last basket, measure 6″ down and knot, then 4″ down repeating the steps above, finishing with a square knot. You can add a wood bead or piece of driftwood at the end and put another square knot below this to hold it in place.


macrame bead


Macrame Plant Hanger


Time to put your pots in the hanger. Space out the strands so that they securely hold your pots in place. Find a lovely window, hang from the ceiling and enjoy!


DIY Macrame Herb Hanger 1


This Sunday I will be at the Langley Michaels crafting for the Pinterest Party that will be featuring a 100 Hometalk Bloggers across the U.S. and Canada.

I will be demonstrating this project and my mixed media burlap canvas’s. Hope to see you there!


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Macrame Herb Hanger


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