If you want to know what your true life purpose is….

just listen to what people are constantly asking of you.

This little tidbit came through my ear buds while I was listening to a business podcast and doing house hold chores. The multitasker in me uses this time to consume audio content on marketing and about living the life of her dreams… let’s just say I have had many ‘AHA’ moments while taking out the trash.

I realized that I knew EXACTLY what people were asking of me… and that it was time to take the leap.

Are you living your life of your dreams?

Well, I’m very excited to announce my new on-line store ( and totally freaked out! ) But it’s been something I have kicked around for years and a phone call from a lady named Niki in Pennsylvania was the push I needed.
  I have been chanting this mantra for a couple of weeks now, and it’s helped me immensely….

Take the leap and grow the wings on the way down




OK, obviously I get asked plant questions all day long at a garden centre. But I don’t ever just offer a prescription for their plant problem… we discuss the importance of pollinators, how to use coffee grounds in the garden and a perhaps a frugal idea for a bird feeder made from a toilet paper roll.

I’m a dirt diva, I love to garden and I can talk about it all day. But like a person who loves to cook… most of them don’t want to spend their life in a kitchen.

SO… when I got a phone call at the store from a lady who tracked me down after she saw one of my tree’s and wanted it for herself…. I realized that THIS is what people ask of me everyday!




I get emails, comments, and Facebook messages constantly about my Christmas tree’s and crafts I share on my blog.

Creating unique themed decor is like breathing to me… I need, NEED…. to be in a constant state of creating something.

I’ve done a lot of inward looking these last couple of weeks and what I do know is that you have to get very, very clear about what you want…. not what you don’t want.


candyland tree


Discovering your true purpose isn’t an easy task. Many folks simply don’t know what their ‘IT’ is. But if you listen to what folks are asking of you, you’ll soon discover that

the answer is in the question!

Do people constantly ask you for your recipes? Write a cook book. Where you got those shoes, jacket etc? Start a budget fashion blog. How did you come up with those great idea’s for kids games? Become a children’s camp activity director.




My biggest joy is when I’m giving garden design tips, teaching a wreath building class, or simply just seeing peoples reaction when they discover that I stuck a life sized saddle into a cowboy themed tree.

For me, I realized my ‘purpose’ is…

To inspire and bring joy to others through my creations.

I may not be finding a cure for cancer, or designing a rocket ship that further expands our knowledge of the cosmo’s. But I bring joy to others when they discover their inner decorating diva. NOTHING is more rewarding to me than seeing ladies leaving one of my classes holding their wreath’s up high and beaming with pride over their creations.

I realize that this may be my longest blog post EVER as I almost never talk about myself. I just stick to DIY’s with simple instructions and lot’s of pictures. But I’m on a road right now going from

want-repreneur to entrepreneur

…. and I felt compelled to share it. 

So… let me introduce my new venture to you in person:

My hopes are that my DecorTree kits bring out the inner decorating diva in others and help them create beautiful decor that their family will admire and their friends will envy.

Check out my new store here:




If you actually took the time to read this blog and not just skim through the pictures, then please let me sincerely thank you! I know all to well how much content is out there and we simply cannot consume it all. But if my long winded post stirred something in you today…

then start listening to the questions, the answers are right there 😉


Peace Love DECORATE!


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