Candyland Christmas Tree


Candyland Christmas Tree

Decorating Christmas tree’s is my passion and a few of my designs have really done well in the Pinterest world. One in particular went on a pin frenzy and is still generating traffic.

So I thought I should do a post dedicated to this tree with a short video tutorial.




I’ve done several versions of a Candyland tree over the years. From a gingerbread theme to whimsical popcycles, it never gets old.

When kids see this tree in the stores I decorate them in… they break from their parents, run over to it and ‘Hey Mom… LOOK!’


gingerbread tree


For the adults that see this tree, they always smile and comment about how amazing it is… I think it brings back childhood memories of playing the board game Candyland and fantasizing about how wonderful it would be to walk through an entire forest of edible sweet goodies.


candy land tree blue


Some props I’ve used are not prefab decorations at all. Styrofoam has been handy in creating an over sized Marshmallow garland.


marshmallow garland


 Try using real ice cream sugar cones and add styrofoam ball snow men.


candy land tree decor


Cookie sheets and rolling pins are perfect for a bakers delight tree.


Gingerbread Christmas Tree


A large red ball can be made into a big Cherry like I did with this tree… which I named ‘Cherry on Top’.


cherry on top


Use cotton snow to simulate whip cream and of course cupcake ornaments add to the deliciousness of this Candyland Christmas Tree.


candyland decorations (1)


Most of this stuff you can find yourself, but I have the perfect starter kit available in just the right colors to get you going in my new store. Visit DecorTree to get your designer tree kit delivered to your front door!




Once you have the materials, then watch my latest tutorial video to learn how to create a Candyland Tree of your own.




May there be visions of Sugar Plums dancing in your head this holiday season!

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