Carrot Juice Cocktail Recipe


Garden Cocktail Planter

You can grow just about anything in a pot or planter including vegetables! If you have a small space garden, enjoy entertaining and love fresh organic food, then this planter is for you.

Read on for this Garden to Glass cocktail recipe….

I am very happy to announce that Sow and Dipity has partnered with some amazing brands. As a personal rule, I will only promote products I believe in and that match my set of values. In exchange for the generous samples they send me and/or compensation, I am proud to demonstrate them to you.

¬†Root vegetables can be totally grown in a pot as long as it is deep enough. You need at least 12″ of depth for carrots and parsnips but potatoes should be grown in their own bin.

The reason I grow my vegetables is to enjoy food I know is organic and super SUPER fresh. It makes sense then to start with soil that is organic too. Why go to all that trouble if the fertilizer in that soil isn’t!




I’ve been using PRO-MIX Premium Organic Vegetable and Herb mix for years and it’s the one I trust the most. Plus it has Mycoactive which is a naturally occurring fungus that assists plants in establishing strong healthy roots for strong vigorous growth.


PROMIX organic vegetable and herb mix


An old tin bucket was given a makeover with Chalk Paint thanks to the ladies over at The Passionate Home.

You can drill holes but I preferred to use pine cones as drainage instead of pebbles to keep my pot light. It’s a great organic alternative to packing peanuts or Styrofoam which should NEVER be used with any plants you plan to eat.


Carrot Juice Cocktail Recipe (1)


This garden cocktail recipe is simple! Just juice a few carrots and add this to lot’s of ice, a shot of good quality gin or vodka and rim your glass with pink Himalayan salt.

Watch my quick video to see how easy it is to DRINK YOUR GARDEN!