Turn Old Hanging Baskets into Outdoor Luminaires

          Hanging basket luminarie (1)


          Turn Old Hanging Baskets into Outdoor Luminaires


          I love the look of the frozen ice outdoor luminaires. Lucky for us we are having a cold snap here in the lower mainland so I’m able to have fun with this idea.

          I happen to have these gorgeous wire frames from hanging baskets I got this summer, but any wire frame will do. So, I decided to combine these with ice luminaries to create a cool hanging basket perfect for the holidays.



          Frozen balloon


          Balloons work great for a nice round globe, but if you can find the punching bag kind, use those. They are stronger for holding a lot more water. I found mine at a dollar store and used a funnel to fill them. Put them in a round bowl for support then plunk them into the freezer


          Removing the balloon


          The key here is to not leave them too long. I found 24 hours to be the perfect amount of time. They freeze on the outside but are still liquid on the inside. The balloon comes off nearly by itself once you start the tear.


          creating a hole in a luminarie


          I used a knife to break through the bottom to the liquid inside, then I drained out the water. Take the knife and chisel a nice smooth round opening.


          Basket with greens


          Now on to the wire frame…. I just lined the bottom of it with greens and faux berries until I felt it was a good base.


          Greens in wire frame


          Place your ice globe, add a battery operated light or a real votive and top off the basket with a pretty red bow.


          luminarie with tea light


          Hang them outside and enjoy your hanging basket outdoor luminaires.

          Easy Peesy!


          Hanging basket luminarie


          Don’t these look super fabulous. I love them and they look great during the day too.


          Ice luminarie





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          6 Responses to Turn Old Hanging Baskets into Outdoor Luminaires

            • Well, mine lasted for a couple of weeks but we went through a cold snap… as soon as it got rainy again, they melted away in about 24 hrs.

          1. i live in the southwest…what about extra thickened gelatin, either the unflavored or thicken regular fruit flavored/colored gelatin with extra plain gelatin then make the same way as above…like jello blocks. Might even be able to use inside for centerpieces.

            • Hi Terry, I realize the challenges of having beautiful weather all the time ( 😉 ) might make a frozen globe unpractical. Perhaps use an old fish bowl or other round glass bowl for your basket… guaranteed fire and sun proof!

          2. I filled the boxing balloons up and filled to full. They froze completely in 24 hours. Was able to break in half and chiseled out the top. They weren’t as deep so went ahead and used them anyway. Tried it again and only filled them half full and took out from freezer in 12 hours. The guests for my party asked how did you do that? They were amazed. Beautiful! After the party was over I put them back in the freezer to use for Christmas Day. Thank you for the idea.

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