How to make a kissing ball


How to make Kissing Balls

I just finished my last class at the garden centre this weekend, now it’s time to focus on the next couple of crazy weeks ahead! I demonstrated how to make a kissing ball with just a few easy items you probably already have in your yard.

Here’s how to create one for your holiday guests to enjoy!

An Oasis block is a super absorbent florist foam used in centerpieces and arrangements. Make sure you get the block you wet, not a dry foam. You can buy these at most craft stores in 9″ long blocks. To soak a block just sit it length wise on top of a tub of water and let it saturate itself. Don’t push it down as this may wet the sides but the core will remain dry. Be patient until the block sinks and is fully submersed in the water… then it is ready.


oasis block


Cut the block into a square with a knife. It cuts through very easily, or you can score the block and simply snap it apart. If you plan to make giant kissing balls for the front entrance of your home, then soak two blocks and slap them together.


cover oasis block with moss


 I wrap my Oasis square with moss so that I don’t have to worry about sticking the whole thing with greens. Small spaces in between are camouflaged by the moss making it look full. I just used some sewing pins to hold it in place but you can get florist pins that are ‘U’ shaped that do a better job.


add a string loop


Use florist wire to further secure your moss by wrapping it like a string around a parcel. Then follow with a strong twine and create a loop in which to hang your kissing balls.

Time to add your greens. Use a mix of evergreen material such as cedar, fir, white pine and boxwood. Each of these shrubs has a different texture that adds variety to your kissing ball.


evergreen tips


Cut them into 4″-7″ pieces and clean off the ends where you will stick them into the Oasis block. Don’t worry about the lengths to much now if you have some longer than others, you can trim the ball later for uniformity.


kissing ball assembly


Start with your first evergreen cuttings like the cedar and push them in around the ball. Then move on to another variety. Repeat this until you have filled the ball to your liking.


huckleberry branches


I only had boxwood on hand for this but variegated holly leaves, eucalyptus, juniper and magnolia leaves add volume and texture to kissing balls too. I also used some huckleberry branches for a little dimension in my kissing balls.

I added some glitter leaves that I pulled off an inexpensive pick and used some other glitter picks that looked like long needles to add some sparkle to this kissing ball.


berried holly bunch


Once I had all the greens and glitter elements in place, I added my berried holly branches. Cut these the same lengths as you did for the evergreen tips picking the ones with the most berries. Remove a few berries on the end and stick them in.

To finish this off, add a nice pretty bow to the top and you are ready to hang this up where it can be appreciated.


Kissing Ball


The idea behind the kissing ball is that you must remove a berry every time you receive a kiss… so if your a real smoocher… load that baby up!


 May you enjoy your holiday season and share many kisses!