Mason Jar Holiday Centerpiece


Holiday Mason Jar Centerpieces

Poinsettias are THE holiday flower but besides just plopping one in the center of your table, why not try decorating with them in a different way that all your guests will enjoy.

Here’s a quick and easy way to ‘think outside the pot’ with these Holiday Mason Jar Centerpieces.


Use a submersible light or battery operated tea light in the bottom of the jar and cover with faux ice crystals.


Mini light

Faux ice crystals


To this you can add fresh or frozen or even fake cranberries. I have done them two ways, with frozen and with faux. The frozen required that the ice crystals needed rinsing afterward and the faux were just pulled off a holiday pick.




You won’t need to add water to this arrangement unless you want to or are using the floral beads that swell once hydrated. Use whatever you wish for the crystal effect.

The next layer is to use mini poinsettias wrapped in moss. I used 2.5 inch ones that I got at Milner Village Garden Centre.


Wrap with moss


Pop these into the jar and then add the finishing touch with some fresh evergreens. You can use cuttings from your yard for this. In mine I used some cedar, fir and white pine. Just stick it into the moss and the mini pot of soil for support.


Add greens


Tie on some raffia or festive ribbon and your done!


Mason Jar centerpieces


Now how easy was that? These Holiday Mason Jar Centerpieces are simple to make, they cost only a few dollars and they look amazing on the tables.


Mason Jar centerpiece


Be Merry and Stay That Way!