Flowers Help, Flowers Heal

We all know that giving or receiving flowers elicits smiles, but do you know why? Sure, they are pretty and they smell nice. But is there more to it than that? Well, there is plenty of research that suggests that the power of flowers is more than what meets the eye.


I know first hand from giving tours at the greenhouse that when the group first see’s the site of acres of gorgeous flowers, their faces all break into a smile, and not just any smile…

A Duchenne Smile!


greenhouse flowers


A Duchenne smile is where the corners of the mouth lift but so do the muscles around the eyes that indicate true joy.

Flowers do that to people. Near the end of every tour I lower my voice and say…

“Can you feel that?”

Everyone stops and starts to look around, listening carefully to see if they can ‘hear’ what I’m talking about.

“What you’re experiencing is green energy. When you are surrounded by flowers, you don’t feel anger or frustration. All you feel is a sense of calm and well being.”


Pink Flower, Milner Village Garden Center


Everyone will slowly nod their heads at this point and reach a little harder to take it all in. With them all smiling now, I conclude….

“A plant in flower is in its highest expression of joy…. and THAT… is what you are experiencing right now”

As we exit the greenhouse and enter back into the real world, I can see every one is a little lighter in their steps. Their faces have changed from a rushed expectation to a relaxed contemplation.

The folks I managed to wrangle into joining our group that were somewhat reluctant are always the first to thank me profusely for the talking them into taking the tour.




Bar none, these tours are one of the highlights of my job… and not just because it’s always a success, but because it lifts me up to see others beaming from the experience.

Flowers have the power to heal and to bring joy. The positive energy they emit purifies the negative energy around us. Is there any wonder why they are apart of every special occasion in our lives? From celebrating a wedding to helping us grieve for the loss of a loved one…

Flowers Help, Flowers Heal

We are right around the corner from Valentines Day and no other holiday celebrates flowers more. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind when choosing flowers for that special someone, whether it be for a spouse, a friend or your mom.

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If the person who will be receiving your flowers is in need of a little calm, send tranquil colors with blues and lavenders.


Happy celebrations like a birthday should have flowers that include bright colors like yellow and red with pops of blue.


Moms, grandmothers and sisters will appreciate pretty shades of pink, rose and fuchsia.


For that significant other, express your love with spicy oranges, hot pink and bright reds.


Whatever the mood or occasion, flowers always make them more beautiful. Make sure you treat those special ladies right this Valentines Day and find a bouquet or basket that is perfect for them.

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