recycled wood blocks (10)


Scrap lumber is perfect for making wooden block letters. Adding a font is easy with colorful papers, a printer and some mod podge. Make these adorable letters in an afternoon and add them to your fall displays.


After I made my DIY Recycled Wood Pumpkins, I still had a bunch of end pieces left over.


recycled wood blocks (3)


So, I just slapped on some oatmeal colored chalk paint, gave them a quick sanding and went over them with some brown mixed with an antiquing medium.


recycled wood blocks (4)


I don’t have a fancy stencil cutter (yet!), so I just printed out the word I wanted on regular printer paper and put that on the back of my pretty fall colored papers, using a pencil to draw a hard line that I could see.


recycled wood blocks (2)


Since I did this on the back of the card stock, I simply used my pencil to shade out the lines so I could see them clearly, then I cut them out.

I used decoupage with a matte finish and stuck the letters to the blocks.


recycled wood blocks (5)


To add a little more to my arrangement, I hunted down a branch and drilled a hole into a small block for it to stand up in. I had a package of faux leaves from Michaels and created this cute little fall tree.


recycled wood blocks (6)

recycled wood blocks (7)


That’s it! How simple is that? It took no time at all and I love my little autumn blocks.


recycled wood blocks


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