DIY heart topiary


DIY Heart Topiary

What is better than giving a plant as a gift? Giving one in the shape of a heart! You can easily turn any climbing vine into a cute DIY Heart Topiary with just few simple items.




I decided to make my heart topiary in an old discarded sauce pot. Chose any pot you like for this project but if you want it to be a little different, try recycling a old item like I did.


heart topiary (1)


The wire frame is actually a dollar store Valentines topiary. I could have made one myself out of heavy gauge wire, but since this was sturdy and all ready to go, I skipped that step and used this instead. I just pulled it out of its block stand and removed the red sparkle garland. 


Heart Topiary (2)


Add a layer of pebbles to your dish if it doesn’t have drainage, then pot up your plant. You could use a wire vine or a little leaf ivy for this project; whatever you choose, just make sure it has little leaves.

Pop in your wire frame close to the middle of the plant and wind your vine up and around it. Chose a vine that has at least two long branches on it so you can come up either side.

I was making this DIY Heart Topiary for Valentines Day so I added some pink sand to cover the soil.


Heart Topiary (3)


To add just a touch more of loveliness, I bent another heart shape out of the floral wire and shoved that in near the base of the plant.

I found this adorable key in my craft supply boxes so I thought it would be cute suspended from the center with another red floral wire heart.


heart topiary (5)


How cute is this planter! Who wouldn’t LOVE to get a Valentines gift like this? Have fun making this super easy and adorable DIY Heart Topiary.


heart topiary (4)


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