DIY Bird Feeder


DIY Bird Feeder

Pallet Projects are fun to do. I challenged myself recently with trying to create 5 projects out of 1 pallet. What can I say… I like to stretch my recycled materials as far as I can go and make them into as many things as possible.

Plus, I have a ton of wine bottles that I need to do something with…. my friends helped me with collecting those, lol.

Here’s how I made this rustic DIY Recycled Bird Feeder.

First I measured out the projects I wanted to make out of my pallet, then I marked the pallet with a Jiffy marker to label all of the pieces. This took some thought… you know, measure twice cut once kinda thing.


Pallet Project


I then sanded down all my pallet pieces to get rid of all the snaggles… yes, that’s a real word because I just used it and added it to my spell checks dictionary… it’s official.




Then after I cut out all my pieces, I assembled my bird feeder. I used a 1 1/4 inch drill bit to create the hole for the wine bottle. I don’t have any real measurements, sorry. I’m like one of those cooks that throws things together with out a recipe!


DIY Bird Feeder


I basically used my wine bottle as my guide on how big I wanted to make it. Once I figured out how much space I was going to need to easily slip the wine bottle in and out for refilling, I screwed it all together.


DIY Bird Feeder (1)


This really is all just scrap wood cut in pieces and done on the fly, I wanted it to look really rustic after all. The bottom where the feed spills into has slightly raised sides to prevent it from spilling out. As the birds help themselves to their free meal, the bottle continues to empty into the make shift tray.


DIY Bird Feeder (2)


I chose to just slap on an outdoor acrylic paint and then just splattered some of the paint all over it for rustic worn look.


DIY Bird Feeder (3)


My DIY Bird Feeder turned out pretty awesome and the birds seem to love it too. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the other four cool projects I made out of one pallet that I will be releasing in the coming weeks.