Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom Projects for Your Garden

          Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom Projects for your Garden.

          Bet you can’t Pin just one!

          This pumpkin Toadstool picture did not make the list last Monday but I gasped when I saw it…. so it’s going in here.


          These little stools would be perfect in a woodland garden.

          Light Up Mushrooms

          Lightup Toadstools from Vandusen Gardens


          I snapped a picture of these mushrooms at the Vandusen Gardens this Christmas, made out of wire mesh and lights.


          Mossy Mushroom

          Mossy Green Mushroom via Grass Land





          I’m going try making these concrete mushrooms this summer.

          Mushroom Topiary

          Succulent Mushroom via Simply Succulents

          I can’t get enough of these topiary mushrooms, so cute.

          Wooden Mushrooms

          Wooden Forest Toadstools via Dzimis


          These are fantastic too.


          Frank Crane Arena

          Seen at the Frank Crane Arena


          This picture was taken over at Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo, BC. I love this color combo, don’t you?


          Fairy Mushroom

          Fairy Homes via Wallbase


          A mushroom collection isn’t complete without one for the Fairy Folk. People agreed on’s the antenna that makes this so gosh darn cute.


          Punch Bowl Mushrooms

          Punch Bowl Mushrooms by Tommi


          The one that received the most LIKES was this picture here…and it’s pretty obvious why. Now go dig out all them glass bowls.

          *** Update!***

          The person who created the above glass mushrooms contacted me! Her name is Tommi and she’s very pleased everyone loves her creative idea. Please keep sharing Tommi, I’d love to see the other great idea’s you come up with!

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          22 Responses to Toadstools to Topiaries, 11 Creative Mushroom Projects for Your Garden

            • Hi Jan, I have a feeling these ones are ceramic and were bought at a store. There are plenty of sites out there that carry Fairy houses and furniture…try a Google search and I’m sure you’ll find some 🙂

            • After I got Tommi’s comment I quickly emailed her:

              On Saturday 06/04/2013,
              Hi Tommi!

              I LOVE your mushrooms! Please send me the link to the picture so I can add it to the post! I came across the pic on Pinterest and tried to find the source. I would love to share your blog or flicker url. I’m glad to finally hear from the source 🙂 Talk soon!

              Her reply 🙂

              No blog just sayin glad you like them, it was fun to come across them by accident

              Thanks Tommi!! Everyone Loves your mushrooms!

            • Amazing! I am going to go out and find some cheap bowls and vases and do the same thing for my Montreal, Canada garden! I love them! How clever you are!

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            • I believe the best way is to use chicken wire to create your form. Stuff with soil and moss and prick the succulents in through the holes… best of luck!

          2. I saw this today in an antique shop! I loved it but not for the garden. As many trees as we have around here, I am afraid that a falling limb will destroy the “smurf village”. However, this would make a great center piece with an LED candle. Hmmm, maybe even a decorative jelly-fish for the beach theme.

          3. Tommi…. do you by chance have a tutorial on the punch bowl mushrooms? I would love to know what type of glue you used, that can be used on glass and is strong enough for outdoor exposure.

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