vintage lunchbox planter


Garden Junk-Man Style


Junk gar·den

/jəNGk/  noun.  trash – rubbish – refuse – lumber
 /ˈgärdn/ noun. A piece of ground, often near a house, used for growing flowers, fruit, or vegetables.
( as per Google definition search result )


Apparently dictionaries have not caught up to this term as I was unable to find it without searching for the words separately.
But it’s a thing…. let me tell ya!


Got Junk?


Everybody is doing it…. but it isn’t something new. Junk gardening has been going on for a long long time, it’s just cool now, thanks to Pinterest.
Click on my Junkin’ Garden board if you’d like to check it out:


Junkin Garden Pinterest Board


So, being a frugal gal, I’ve been up-cycling and re-purposing for years and my shenanigans have got me onto the cover of a magazine…




and managed to find their way on to the set on CTV news.


Tamara Jansen on CTV discussing Garden Trends

Tamara Jansen on CTV discussing Garden Trends

Visit my friend Tamara’s blog at The Greenhouse Diaries to read about her hilarious experience preparing for her TV appearance!

Now, not all my creations are instant hits. Not everyone appreciated my garden girl…
( yeah? well just wait till you see what I do with her this year!! )


Garden Girl


and surprisingly, my colorful recycled garden hose dragonflies seemed to fall under the radar.
( I still think these were BRILLIANT )
BUT, that was a year ago…. and it wasn’t cool yet. SO, now that I’ve re-introduced my creations, I’m sure they will get another go around on Pinterest.


Here’s a look at some of my Gardening Junk-Man Style:


Gum boot planter






Pallet Living Wall


I’m proud to say that almost all my garden junk-man style art and planters have been featured on

You’ve heard of this site right?


I’m completely addicted to HomeTalk!! It’s only the best place to go on the web where you can ask home and garden questions and get answers from real pro’s.
You can share your projects and have thousands….I mean thousands… of people admire them or give you helpful advice, instantly!


Sign up, follow me there and you’ll never miss any of my quirky projects again…



Here’s a few more of my junk works as seen on TV……


Succulent Muffin Tin


Tool Box and Oil Can Planter


High Heel Shoe Planter


Now for a look at the fun things you’ll find at Milner Village Garden Center


Tire Planter


Sink Planter

Everything but the kitchen…

Old Washer Planter

Old Washer spillith over


Antique Tub Pond

Rub a dub Antique Tub Pond


Rusty Bike Planter

Rusty Bike Charmer

Concrete Block Chair

Concrete Block Chair












Basically, if it can hold dirt, we plant it!



Garden Junk-Man Style







Peace Love Garden