Frosted Illum-MASON-aries

  • Frosted Illum-MASON-aries
  • Frosted Illum-MASON-aries
  • Frosted Illum-MASON-aries
  • Frosted Illum-MASON-aries

Frosted Mason Jars


How pretty is this!! Here’s my latest jar craft…Frosted Illum-MASON-aries. Made from mason jars of course. It’s super simple and creates such a soft glow, you’ll want to put these everywhere.

I was inspired by these great little lamps I saw that used frosted wine bottles…and I got to thinking that I could make these up pretty easily.

All you need is some favorite jars and bottles and a spray can of ice crystals. Apply an even layer to the bottles and let dry. It doesn’t take long to crystallize but the jars will need some time to dry completely….be patient ( wink ).










Then gather up some fillers like pine cones, small baubles and pieces of faux pine branches ( I recycled pieces that come off wreaths and garlands when I decorate them). You’ll need mini lights and some battery operated tea-lights too. I only had a 50 mini light set, but a 25 set would do.


The bigger mason jars are perfect for the mini lights. Just stuff them in with the other fillers and use a long tool ( like a chopstick ) to arrange inside the jar. My lights hang over the side, but since this is being set up as a vignette…I want the glow from the extra lights to pile around the jars.


Frosted Mason Jars (1)


For small mason jars you’ll use the battery operated tea-lights. This will need to be emptied to turn off each time, but it’s so simple to put back together it’ll only take seconds.


Frosted Mason Jars (3)


For the wine bottle, I just threw a long branch and some pieces of a bauble pick that would fit through the opening. I tried to get fancy and paint a brown twig on the outside, but you get the idea…let your imagination go. This one is not lit up from the inside, but I grouped it with the other jars and floated the extra mini lights around it. The frosting picks up the light and it looks fabulous in the trio.


Frosted Mason Jars (2)


I love my Frosted Illum-MASON-aries! This trio is going to look great tucked in a corner and really help set the ambiance in the room.

Making your Season Bright!

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30 Responses to Frosted Illum-MASON-aries

  1. I am super craft-challenged… this might be a really dumb question……here goes….Do you spray the stuff on the outside of the mason jar…..or the inside?….So sorry if this is incredibly dumb!

    • On the outside, it’s much easy to spray an even coat around the outside of the glass. I can’t get the required 8 inches from the surface if you tried to paint the inside. And that isn’t a stupid question, lol….I have had a few people ask this, hopefully your inquiry and my reply clear this up for others that were wondering that too 😉 I believe every one has a little craftinista inside, just got to find the right thing to bring your creativity out!

  2. Where can you buy the ice crystals, I don’t believe I’ve seen them here…..but probably not looking in the right place. Beautiful jars.

  3. I just love these..I can’t wait to make them..I think I will show them to my church ladies meeting. I bet they will love to make them..also, this Christmas I want everyone to make homemade gift to give..this will be great…

  4. Hi Shelley, you seem to be the only one w/directions to projects. I want directions on how to plant fresh lemon seeds, and darn it, I just forgot what the other one was. They all send us pictures, but I know I need to know what kind of soil etc to make things grow. This is my first year at gardening, and we are going to do an organic garden on the lower deck. Can you help? I also would like to know where I can get some wood boxes, like the old ones, but I can’t pay $60- to $80. for them. If you can help, It would be great, thanks, Arlene Buono

    • Hi Arlene, you could try planting the lemon seeds into a starter mix and keep it moist. It may be a good idea to add bottom heat to get them to germinate.
      As far as wooden boxes go, try a local junk collector or antique shop… not sure what would be avail in your area… good luck!

  5. Hey Shelley, when I did mine the outside seems to be rubbing off a bit. Do you know of a good sealer that can protect the crystals but also be undetectable?

    • Hi Colleen… I did mine on the inside of the glass to protect it from rain etc. They lasted a long time until I recently decided to wash them out for another project… came off no problem. Try doing it with the bath salts on the inside.

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