Dragonfly Garden Art

          garden junk art

          Dragonfly Garden Art

          I love dragonflies…There’s something magical about them. There’s definitely is no shortage of Dragonfly Garden Art out there, but why not make your own? These colorful fellows are part of my Garden Junk Art series, so fittingly they are made out of recycled materials.

          Here’s what you need:













          I grabbed a few bent coat hangers from the closet and threaded them through an old kinked up hose. That’s right….yet another great use for old hose, (wink). I twisted the ends and spray painted them with RustOleum paint.

          The bodies were made out of stakes that came in the pots with the climbing vines I bought this year. I simply zapped strapped the wings to the stakes and covered them with burlap and twine to hide the straps. They’ll be a bit floppy but once they are next to the wall they are fine.


          Are these not the prettiest jars EVER? These could be made for a children’s project or used at a theme party (Jeanie in a bottle?) or any special event where a little glitter bling is required. I thought they had a great shape for the heads of my Dragonflies. The bottles are actually Olive Garden salad dressing bottles, a favorite in this household.


           All you do is pour a small amount of Mop & Glo into the bottle and swirl it around to coat. To get the multi colors of glitter, use one color at a time and tap it into the bottle. I put a lid on it then smacked it into my hand like you would mixing your nail polish bottle. I kept switching colors until it was well coated. Once dry I carefully put them on the end of the stakes and used a small amount burlap to wedge into the opening on the back side to make them stay put.

          junk art
          garden junk art

          That’s it! So before you throw out that old kinked up garden hose, try to think of the many ways it can come in handy, I keep finding new uses for it everyday.

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          12 Responses to Dragonfly Garden Art

          1. What a great use for an old hose! I have an old hose, hmmmm what could I make with it. Love those bottles too; Mop and Glow???? Good greif! Thats a new one for me! Thanks for linking with me.

          2. Love the dragonflies. They are so pretty, never would of guess that they were made from a old garden hose. And the head is so neat how you did it. Thank you for sharing how you made your cute dragonflies.

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