Creative Christmas trees


Unusual Props for Creative Christmas Trees

You know the saying… desperation breeds inspiration. Well, I often have to come up with idea’s on the fly since I don’t have a big budget to work with at the garden center I manage. And since I am also the decorator, I have to work with what I got.

So, here are a few unusual things I turned into cool props that you can put into your Christmas Tree that will create a theme that will have your friends talking!



I decorate a lot of trees… a lot. I’m amazed that I still keep coming up with new idea’s using the same old stuff year after year… but it always looks fresh and the customers and my clients love them.

I’ve done several Snowman tree’s over the seasons, but I’ve had some great props in the past to work with PLUS gorgeous white tree’s to build them on. This time I was making it on a green tree and didn’t have a large snowman head to work with, so…


snowman christmas tree (1)


I used a Chinese lantern, some pompoms and felt to create his head. Turned out great…now the customers keep asking me where it is to buy in the store…. glue, paper lantern, pompoms… they always give an ‘aha’ nod when I tell them.


snowman christmas tree


Some kind of farm or cowboy theme is a must for one tree I’ll do every year… but I really pulled out the ‘rural’ in this one.


country christmas tree (4)


An old pitch fork and a rusty Chicken-Pig-Cow cut out was the topper for this tree. Chicken wire was perfect for ribbon, it puffed well and was relatively easy to work with.


country christmas tree (1)


We had some old milk cans in the back of the barn so I grabbed one and wired it into the tree.


country christmas tree (2)


I made the pompoms out of raffia because I wanted to add a hay look but not just string this stuff on every where or push it in the branches.


country christmas tree (3)


A tin red truck and tractor added some theatrics to the tree and to finish it off I add some red dyed burlap poinsettias for color.


country christmas tree


The Nordic theme is huge this year… but my order hadn’t arrived with the big snowflakes I needed for this tree and we had to get this store decorated for a ladies night.


nordic christmas tree


Styrofoam chunks are used to transport our planters and we have lots of large pieces left over. I save things like this just in case I find a use… and I did. These huge snowflakes came from cutting them out of the Styrofoam wedges with a serrated dollar store knife.


nordic christmas tree (1)


I’ve used Styrofoam ‘holes’ as marshmallows in Candy-land themed decor… they look great!


marshmallow garland


I recently shared a post on how to make easy Candy-land ornaments that are knockoff’s of the ones I used in this tree below.

Check out the post here: DIY Candy Land Tree Ornaments


CandyLand Ornaments


‘Home for The Holidays’ is what I dubbed this themed tree. Think lodge, sweaters, skiing, sleigh rides and hot chocolate.


nostalgia christmas tree (1)


I wanted it to have a touch of nostalgia so old objects came in to play here. This tree has a pair of antique ski’s and skates I brought in from my own collection.


nostalgia christmas tree


Vintage and Romantic was the theme behind this next tree. Actually, this is a broken half tree and the top is a wire bodice I took off an apron display rack. A little duct tape and wire and I have my frame for creating a pretty ‘dress’.


vintage christmas tree


I added a couple of birdcages and used them to merchandise feathered birds, but if I did this at home, I would fill those cages with glass balls or pink painted pine cones.


Mannequin Christmas Tree


So, that’s it for this round… I have 6 other trees to show, but we’ll save that for the next post!


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