This post is the last in my series on Rustic Holiday Decor but with a Shabby Chic twist. I wanted to jazz up the bathroom for when we entertain this holiday season, but not in a glittery kinda way. It had to fit in with the rest of the theme I had going and that means that I had to use only what I had available.

The above flower bud jars and tin holder were perfect for fresh evergreen cuttings. I added a little red rafia for a much needed splash of color. This even looks cute from the outside where you can make out the sillouhette through the frosted glass.

I have all sorts of plaid materials in my craft closet for my prim dolls ( a future post ). I cut a piece and swung it over a white painted branch and used old fashioned clothes pegs to hold it in place.

A wooden box in grey tones is perfect for holding extra rolls of TP for my guests, just in case. I simply tucked a foe mini Christmas tree in there and grabbed my ball of red yarn for a snippet to add to the handle.

My wall art is made out of an old cupboard door. I distressed this one awhile back along with it’s twin, but could only find a use for one, until now. It already had two holes drilled through from the handle so I used a pipe clamp and some wire to fasten the jar to the board, then finished it off with my yarn….love that ball o’ yarn, sure did come in handy this year!

For my last get together I ditched all over head lighting ( including the kitchen ) and opted to move lamps into the rooms instead. We had these great branch lights at my work for $10, this is the only item I brought in that was new. I covered a tall vase with a cut brown sweater sleeve and added the branches along with a fresh evergreen cutting from my garden.

The final piece to setting the mood was the lamp I made. Many moons ago, my Auntie Lynn made me a set of these gorgeous lampshades ( every women in my family has a craftinista in her ). I’ve been thinking of making over the lamp bases for the last year, the black and gold dates them big time.

I figured this is a good time so I gave it several coats of white paint and used a little antiquing medium with some gold to ‘age’ the base. My Aunties lamp shade is safely put away for now and I’ll put it back on after the holidays.






The lamp shade is made out of a hanging basket wire form. I cut it down then began hot gluing a wide strip of burlap to the frame. After that I decided to roughly stitch a criss-cross seam across the bottom, stitch around the top opening and added a couple of patches to give it a shabby look.






The lamp shade was attached to the top with a little wire and I screwed the nut on until it squeezed the frame. I gave the lamp base a big floppy red yarn bow that hung all the way to the counter top.

I really like how my Rustic Shabby Chic lamp turned out, oh and that red YARN!! ( Did I already say that? ) Well it’s my new favorite material this year by far.

 I recycled or re-purposed almost every item to create this cozy look for my guest bathroom. To ensure that the ambiance carried over from other rooms in the house, the over head lights had their bulbs loosened so only the lamp, the light up branches and a couple of candles lit the room.



My house is NOW officially company clean and decorated….bring on the rum and nogs.

Happy Holidays!

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