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DIY Plant Pockets with Recycled Denim

Small space gardens have their challenges but one doesn’t have to sacrifice creating a beautiful outdoor room even if it’s just a balcony! The key is to go ‘up’ through vertical gardening.

Later this week I will explore some vertical options but first I want to share this idea with you. This little project can be done in about an hour using an old pair of jeans and turning them into an adorable DIY Plant Pockets that you can hang on a wall or railing.

There are plenty of fabric or wool plant pockets available in garden stores now that make great vertical growing vessels. The idea here is that the roots can still breath through the porous material unlike some of the other recycled idea’s out there. I’ve seen turning a plastic wall shoe holder into a vertical garden and although this is a nifty idea, the roots will not get the oxygen they need for healthy plant growth.


Recycled Denim Plant Pocket (3)


So since denim is a breathable cotton material and we all have old jeans lying around, this seemed like a good choice for a recycled plant pocket option. I also had a vinyl tablecloth I decided to use for the backing in the event that it rests against a wall I don’t want to get water damaged.


Using a manila envelope as a pattern piecePlant pocket pattern piece










Simply use any square or rectangular object for your template. This manila envelope was perfect to use on my husbands old jeans. Cut out two pieces for the front and back of your plant pocket from the denim, and one from your vinyl tablecloth.


pressing the seamsewing the seam










For the front, fold over the top of the pocket about a 1/4″, press and sew into place.


pin on vinyl backing


Then place this on top of the back of the pocket with both front’s facing up as it would appear once sewn. Put your vinyl right side over both pieces and sew around 3 sides leaving the bottom open.


flip and press the pockets into placebacking sewn on









I made several shapes including one that had a double pocket. You could make one the length of a whole jean leg with many pockets for a long vertical herb planter.

Turn out the pocket, fold in the bottom opening about a 1/4″ and sew this shut. When using your iron to press out the seams on your finished pocket, be sure to press on the jean side, you will not want your iron to have contact with the vinyl so be cautious with this step.


turning out pocket


Last is to measure for center at the top of the plant pocket for your grommet placement.


position grommet


For the finishing touches you could embroider on some simple flowers, add a pre-made silk ribbon bow or sew on some buttons. Try using fabric paint and write herb names on these pockets if your really creative!


Recycled Jeans plant pockets


Your done! Now you can plant these up with herbs, cute annuals or some trailing vines. Make several in all shapes and sizes in several shades of denim if you want to create a whole wall of them.


buttons on the pocket

Have fun making these plant pockets out of recycled jeans, I certainly did.

Happy sow-sew 😉


Recycled Denim Plant Pocket (1)



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