20 Moss Ideas To Love

Moss is super hot right now, from candle holders to Easter Eggs, craftinista’s are coming up with unique moss ideas and using it to cover everything!


Moss on a log


I harvest my moss from my own yard…

Why do people go to great lengths and chemicals to get rid of it? Use it! I let it grow in non important areas, along the back shed or the slope on the side of the yard.

When I harvest it, I only take out patches the size of large tortillas at a time. The little bits left over after a project is done are pressed back into the center of the bare patches…this allows the moss to grow back and become a solid carpet again.


Moss growing along bank

Moss growing along bank


Harvest patches at a time

Harvest patches at a time

Press left over bits back into holes

Press left over bits back into holes










There’s a swampy area behind my property which is full of mossy goodness. I love grabbing my camera and going for a wander back there….check out the shots I got in my last adventure.


Moss on tree


moss tire


Rotting wood_new


moss on logs


Here’s one of my projects you’ll find on the board I curated of 20 Moss Ideas over on HomeTalk.com… you’ll love the many ways this versatile natural material can be used!




Click on the picture to check out the board!




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