5 Things a Gardener can do Indoors until spring

          5 things a gardener can do until spring


          5 Things a Gardener can do Indoors until Spring

          Gardeners have it tough in the winter… after the holidays are over, we are anxious to get garden planning for the upcoming year.

          So while we stare out the window hugging our cup of tea plotting the makeover of that garden bed hidden under that blanket of snow,

          we are always in our garden even if it’s just in our mind.



          Here’s 5 things we can do while we wait for warmer days.

          #1. Garden Planning

          Sometimes we can just go out there, tackle an over run bed and make decisions on the fly. But doing a little garden planning ahead of venturing out with hoe in hand is not only an effective time management tool, but it can save you a lot of unnecessary back pain too.

          If your a techy try these app’s that can help you stay organized

          Garden Plan Pro

          Garden Plan Pro is a great garden planning app for the IPad user. You can create plans, select plants from over 140 varieties and edit them as you go.




          Companion Planting

          Companion Planting is an inexpensive app that can help you plan out what goes where for best results, your first step in intergrated pest management.




          Garden tracker

          Garden Tracker- Bumper Crop let’s you plot out the veggie bed and keep track of your harvests.





          #2. Seed Shopping


          Native seeds


          This is a favorite pastime in January and February for every gardener. We can flip through the pages of a catalog or visit hundreds of companies on line right there at our finger tips.

          If organic, non-gmo, and heirloom are some of your criteria for garden planning this year, then I have a post for you. I took the time selecting a few good ones for you to check out:

          7 Organic Seed Companies Worth Checking Out


          7 organic seed companies


          Want more?

          Here are some incredible tips for selecting seeds and seed supplier recommendations from a few gardenista’s that really know their stuff….




          #3. Discover New Garden Trends


          plant head


          There’s always something new and amazing on the market in our genre. Whether it’s a fancy tool or a unique hybrid, it’s fun to check out sites on line that will give you the latest digs.

          Here’s a few favorites of mine to visit:

          HGTV Garden Trends for 2015

          Hot Garden Trends for 2015

          Top Gardening Trends 2015


          #4. Connect with other Gardeners on-line.

          The best place to do this is on a social media site. Both Google+ and Facebook have tons of groups that are open for new people to join. Just search for groups and ask for an invite… it’s great to share pictures, ask advice, and share your garden planning tips with other gardeners just like you.

          In addition to groups, there is thousands of Garden Bloggers who have their own Facebook pages. If you want to see what they’re up to and all their latest creations, be sure to like and comment often so they keep showing up in your feed.

          The Garden Charmers is a group of Top Garden Bloggers all contributing to the same feed. From recipes, to garden tips and just fantastic photo’s sharing garden love… this is a page you definitely want to give your like to:


          The Garden Charmers


          #5. Give those Houseplants some love.


          tropical shower


          January is my houseplant love time. My green interior friends get a shower ( oh yes, they actually go into the shower stall ) some fresh soil and potting up if necessary.

          I always add a plant spike or two to round out my liquid feeding schedule and remove all dead debris. Quite often they look a lot thinner after this, but I can almost here them breath a big sigh of relief.

          So there is 5 Things a Gardener can do until spring to feed the itch. Or if you just can’t handle the wait, you can start early like I did… 😉 


          Snow flower


          Happy garden planning and may your gardens be abundant in 2015.

          Peace Love Garden

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          1. This post was so good for my soul! It’s so good to know that there’s a whole group of us looking longingly out the windows. And that quote by Josephine is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much for sharing these fabulous tips. Now I’m excited to check out some seeds.

          2. Love the trends for 2015 links- thanks! If we can’t garden, at least we can dream about gardening 🙂
            Allthingsplants.com is the BEST online gardening website- thousands of gardeners and the best database.

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